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Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

~Originally published on March 7, 2016.~

Have you heard?  Spring is on its way!  Yea, I know, it doesn’t really feel like it every day.  Here in NJ the weather has been up and down, and we’re even expecting snow again in a couple of days. Hopefully we’ll get some consistency pretty soon.

With the new season, comes the time that many of us do some hardcore cleaning around the house.  Spring brings us a change in weather and scenery, and an overall new freshness to the outdoors after the chill and frigidness of winter.  And with that newly found vigor outdoors, we like to start anew indoors as well.

So open the windows and patio doors, and let the Spring Cleaning begin!

Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist | #SpringCleaning #FreePrintable #checklist

As you know, Spring Cleaning usually isn’t your average day-to-day cleaning routine, but during this annual process you’re getting down to the nitty gritty and doing it ALL.  Even so, sometimes we aren’t quite sure where to start or if we’re actually cleaning everything we need to.

That’s why I’ve created a Spring Cleaning Checklist to help keep you (and me) on track.  The checklist covers the four most common rooms any home has, including the kitchen, bathroom, living/family room, and bedroom.

  Free Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist | #SpringCleaning #FreePrintable #checklist

If you have a foyer, staircase, office, dining room, kid’s play room, laundry room, garage (yes, the garage too) or any other kind of room, just because I don’t have them on this checklist doesn’t mean you should skip them.  They’re just as important, so be sure to clean those too.  Many of the items on the checklist will transfer over to those rooms.

In fact, if you have that many rooms, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service to do a few, like Think Maids DC, who will handle the whole tedious job for you.  I live in a 3/1 apartment and that’s more than enough Spring Cleaning for me!

The checklist itself is simply to be used as a guide to ensure you leave NOTHING untouched.  I’ve pointed out some important items and locations to cover, but not every little aspect is detailed.  I could certainly go more into detail, but then it’d probably be a five plus page checklist.  Just remember, no item/area goes untouched!

And albeit Spring Cleaning surely isn’t the funnest thing you could be doing, it feels great to have a clean home once you’re done.  Stay tuned in over the next few weeks because I’ll being sharing some of the ways I clean and organize during my own Spring Cleaning!

Do you Spring Clean each year?

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