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Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money

I’m sure you’ve all finished your spring cleaning, right?  Ha – I’m not even done myself, but I have gone through all of my clothing and put aside everything I no longer wear or just don’t want anymore.  But, what do I do with it now?

I am not a wasteful person, so simply tossing those clothes out just isn’t an option.  Luckily, there are a few different things I could do, including donating everything, but I can also turn my unwanted stuff into money.  Who doesn’t want some extra money?!

Making Time for Spring Cleaning - Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money

~This post was originally published on May 13, 2016.~

So, how do I do this?  I use apps!  Here are a few of my favorite apps to turn my unwanted stuff into cold, hard cash.


Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money | #SpringCleaning

The Mercari app is the one I’ve been using the shortest amount of time, but has quickly become my biggest money making app.  In fact, just a few days ago I moved over $100 into my bank account from this app. With Mercari, you simply take photos of what your trying to sell, add a description, choose the appropriate weight for shipping and who will pay the shipping cost (you or buyer), and choose your selling price.

Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money | #SpringCleaning

The best part about Mercari is that the app only keeps 10% of the sale price. I mean, I understand these apps have to make money somewhere, but if they keep a large portion, what’s really in it for me? So 10% I can deal with.

And you can sell just about everything on Mercari – your entire family’s unwanted clothing/shoes/accessories, kitchen and home items, beauty items, toys, baby stuff, books, electronics and so much more!  Sometimes I feel like listing everything in my home just so I can go buy new stuff, haha!

When you download Mercari, you can get a $10 credit by using my invite code – ZNN932.  You can use this $10 towards any purchase on the app.


Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money | #SpringCleaning

The Poshmark app is very similar to Mercari as far as the listing process with photos, description, etc.  The difference is that you can only sell clothing, shoes, and accessories on Poshmark, and that includes women’s, kids, and men’s.

In addition, Poshmark keeps 20% commission on your listed sell price.  So if you’re set on getting a certain amount for something, be sure to add 20% to the listed sell price so that you don’t lose out.

Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money | #SpringCleaning

One of the cool features of Poshmark is that you can offer bundle discounts.  A buyer can browse your “closet” and add different items into a bundle, and when they purchase they’ll get a predetermined discount of your choosing.  So you could offer buyers 10% off of two items, or maybe 25% off the purchase of three items.  Bundles are a great way to move the stuff out of your house and also help the buyer get a great deal.

Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money | #SpringCleaning

I started using Poshmark in 2013 and by 2016 had sold $1,909 worth of stuff.  That’s over $600 extra in my pocket each year just from selling my unwanted stuff!  When you download Poshmark and use my invite code – BTTRSWEETSOUL – you’ll get a free $5 towards any purchase.  So out with the old and in with the new!


Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money | #SpringCleaning

The Vinted app is another one I like to use.  You can sell clothing, shoes and accessories for the entire family, but nothing more than that.  And just like Poshmark, you’re able to set up bundle discounts for your buyers. 

The big kicker? On Vinted, sellers keep 100% of the sale price! The buyer actually pays a small fee when they make a purchase and that’s where this app makes its money.

Spring Cleaning: Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Money | #SpringCleaning

When you join Vinted, you’re more than welcome to use my invitation link, but the app is not currently running any special promotions for joining. 

The best part about all three of these apps is that you’re getting rid of your unwanted stuff and putting some extra cash in your pocket – literally!  With each of these apps you can transfer your balance right into your banking account! So go and download an app or three, and turn your unwanted stuff into money.

Which app would you be more likely to use?

*This post may contain affiliate links.  My opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the apps mentioned.  Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the apps.  Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

Save & Earn Money on Dealspotr

Love saving money? Love earning money? You can easily do both with Dealspotr! #savingmoney #coupons #earnmoney

~This post contains referral links, in which I may receive compensation (points) when you join Dealspotr.~

You guys know I LOVE saving money. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen my shopping trips where I use coupons and rebates to save tons of money on groceries.


But my savings go way beyond groceries! I’m talking about retail therapy. I love shopping, period! But the reality is we have a budget and my retail therapy budget is probably the smallest budget we have. When I get a hankering for some shopping, I first head to Dealspotr to see what kinds of savings are available because I want to get the most out of my budget.

What is Dealspotr?

Dealspotr is your one-stop hub for savings of ALL kinds – online promo codes, online sales, in-store savings, deals on specific products, and even freebies. And it’s not just for retail shopping, but encompasses anything and everything you can buy – groceries, clothing, shoes, printer ink, food delivery, flowers, sporting equipment, vacuum cleaners, electronics, gifts, services, and on and on and on. You can find savings for everything on Dealspotr.

Love saving money? Love earning money? You can easily do both with Dealspotr! #savingmoney #coupons #earnmoney

Where do the deals come from?

So, where do all of these deals and savings come from? From me and you! If you find a great deal or sale that you just can’t help but share, share it on Dealspotr. Spread the savings and let everyone know about it.

Just last night I posted a deal for Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip. It’s pretty random, but it was such a good deal that I just had to share. I was shopping at BJ’s Wholesale the other day and noticed the product out of the corner of my eye. It was retailing at just $1.99 and that alone was the cheapest I’d ever seen. But, I had a $0.75 coupon with me that I had previously printed and then remembered seeing a $1 Ibotta rebate. After the coupon and rebate, that made the dip just $0.24! Um, that is totally going in my cart! It’s Super Bowl weekend and dip is in high demand!

Dealspotr is more than saving. You can earn money too!

Did I forget to mention that when you post a deal, you earn points? And those points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and even PayPal cash (if you reach Gold level status)! It’s a win-win! You visit Dealspotr to find great deals and sales to help you save money, and when you post deals and sales you find, you earn money!

There are also other ways of earning posts, than just posting deals. You can also earn points by validating that deals work. Did you see my Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip deal and head to BJ’s Wholesale to get it? Validate my deal by posting your receipt or posting a photo of the dip in-store. You’ll earn points for that!

You also have a daily checklist that gives you the opportunity to earn an extra 200 points every day. Simply satisfy the 4 tasks in your daily checklist. Some tasks include posting deals, validating deals, or even simply sharing a great deal you found to your social media. It’s that easy!

Love saving money? Love earning money? You can easily do both with Dealspotr! #savingmoney #coupons #earnmoney

Tip for validating deals – Find an online deal, go to that website and add things to your cart to satisfy that particular deal. Add the promo code (if there is one) and post a screenshot validating whether it works or not. You don’t even actually have to make a purchase to validate whether an online deal works because you can see the savings before completing checkout. So even without a purchase, you can still earn points for validating!

What makes Dealspotr different?

Aside from the ability to earn money, you’re probably wondering what makes Dealspotr different from other coupon sites. The answer is simple. First, all of the deals are posted and monitored by its members – me and you. Not only do we have the ability to validate a deal is working, but we also have the ability to invalidate a deal.

I actually did that just this morning. Someone posted a deal for Papa John’s, so I went online and added the necessary food to my cart, but when it came time to checkout, the savings didn’t show. So I took a screenshot and invalidated the deal (and earned points for doing so!). This feature alerts other Dealspotr users that the deal posted isn’t actually working. It’s possible the user who posted the deal forgot to include a promo code or maybe even typed the promo code incorrectly. And let’s face it, mistakes happen. But by working together Dealspotr users can make sure only the best deals are posted and are accurate for others to use.

Love saving money? Love earning money? You can easily do both with Dealspotr! #savingmoney #coupons #earnmoney

The other thing that sets Dealspotr apart from other coupon sites is the customization options it offers its users. I can select what types of deal interests I have and only deals pertaining to those interests will show in my personal feed. This eliminates the trouble of browsing through tons of deals I’m just simply not interested in, in an attempt to find something I am interested in. Finding the deals I want has never been easier!

What are you waiting for? Have you joined Dealspotr yet (it’s FREE)?

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*This post is sponsored by Dealspotr and contains referral links, in which I may receive compensation (points) when you join, but my opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the site.  Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with Dealspotr.  Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.