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How to Get a Free Welcome Baby Box from Amazon

Are you expecting a baby or know someone who is? This offer is for you! When you create a baby registry at Amazon, you qualify for a FREE Welcome Baby Box from Amazon. There are a few things you need to know first, though, like guidelines and even a “trick.” Keep reading to learn how to get your Free Welcome Baby Box from Amazon and see everything that came in mine.

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Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! I know baby is on the way and you are likely scrambling to make sure everything is prepared. Let Amazon help by gifting you some free baby stuff (including both full and sample size products).

1. Amazon Prime Member

The first thing you need to know is that you must be an Amazon Prime member to qualify for the free baby box. At this point, if you’re not a Prime member, we can’t be friends (just kidding). But on the real, with all of the amazing perks to being a Prime member, and not just this free baby box, it’s definitely worth becoming a member if you’re not.

2. Baby Registry

Once you’re a Prime member, the next step is to simply create your baby registry. I say simply, but this can be time consuming as you browse all that Amazon has to offer. I can spend days and days adding stuff to a registry (and I did).

Amazon’s baby registry does a great job of breaking down the different categories into a checklist, from clothing, to toys, to feeding, and more. Pick and choose whatever you want.

I mentioned earlier that I have a “trick” and this is where it comes in handy. As a mom of 3, I already have a lot of baby gear. So when I created my Amazon baby registry for baby #3, there were a lot of things I just didn’t need. When I got to those particular items on the checklist in the registry creation process, rather than adding something I didn’t need, I just check marked the category as complete. A lot of people don’t know this, but you don’t HAVE to add something to accommodate each item on the checklist. But to be eligible for the free baby box, each checklist item must be check marked.

3. Share Your Registry

After creating your baby registry, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Not only will it help them figure out what to buy for you and baby, but it gets you one step closer to getting your free Amazon baby box.

The final step in eligibility is that someone must purchase $10 worth of items from your registry. It doesn’t have to be a single item that costs $10+, but can be multiple smaller priced items. It also doesn’t have to be purchased in a single order. If someone spends $7 from your registry and another person spends $5, you’ve met the $10 threshold.

It also doesn’t have to be someone else making the purchase. In my case, I added something to my registry that I just knew I had to have. So instead of waiting for someone else to buy it, I purchased it myself. It was more than $10 and since I was purchasing from my registry, I met this eligibility requirement myself.

4. Order Your Free Amazon Baby Box

If you make it to this step, you’ve met all eligibility requirements for the free Amazon baby box! Woohoo! Log into your Amazon account and view your baby registry. There should be somewhere to click to claim the free baby box.

You have to actually place an order for this box. It’s not something that is sent to you automatically. I missed out on mine with babies #1 and #2 because I didn’t know this.

When I ordered mine for baby #3, they were out of stock at the time. If this happens, just check back in a few days until it’s restocked and place your order.

What’s in the Amazon Welcome Baby Box?

While actual contents of the free Amazon baby box change over time, here is what was in mine from April 2018. You can expect some of these same products or comparable products, with potentially different brands.

Whether you’re the expecting parent, or want a fun gift for someone who is expecting, the Amazon Welcome Baby Box is awesome!

Have you ever gotten a Free Welcome Baby Box from Amazon?

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'Tis the season for giving and #TheHoppingBloggers are hosting a #DecembertoRemember #giveaway hop. Enter to win the grand prize + over 20 other bloggers prizes! Start at Making Time for your chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card and then link to the other blogger giveaways!


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Making Time for Dad: Amazon Father’s Day Finds Under $50

Making Time for Dad: Amazon Father's Day Finds Under $50

Father’s Day is probably the hardest holiday for me when it comes to gift giving.  I typically do something special with the kids to give to dad, but sometimes I like to give my boyfriend something he’d really like or needs, in addition to that.

He doesn’t fit the cliche handyman or white collar father stereotype that surrounds Father’s Day, either.  And besides, how many tools and ties does one man need?  How about we think outside the box for a bit?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve finally figured out that the easiest way to go about gift giving for a father is to really think about what he enjoys.  My boyfriend is very giving and literally never asks for anything for himself.  So it’s not like I have something planned because two months ago he mentioned a certain something he wants.  Yeah, I’m not that lucky, haha.

So for me, it comes down to observation.  What does he like to do?  Does dad like to play video games?  Watch movies?  Listen to music?  Attend sporting events or even partake in sporting events?

In light of not having a stereotypical dad to buy for this Father’s Day, I’ve taken to my favorite online shopping site – Amazon – and found some pretty cool Father’s Day gifts for different kinds of dads, and everything is under $50!  You won’t find gifts for a handyman or businessman here, but maybe you will find something that’s fitting for the dad in your life.

Dad, The Traveler

Does dad do a lot of traveling, whether for business or leisure?  These days it’s hard to disconnect from our electronics, so if he’s an avid traveler, he probably takes his laptop with him wherever he’s traveling to.  So how about a new computer bag for his laptop?

If dad is a messenger bag type of guy, the Ibagbar Messenger Bag is a great fit at just $29.99.  Or if dad is more of a backpack kind of guy, the Lapacker Shockproof Backpack may be a better fit at $42.99.  Both are very stylish and come in a variety of colors.

Dad, The Strong Man

Is dad really into fitness or trying to be?  Give him something to keep his good habit going.  Maybe some new (heavier, haha) dumbbells or a medicine ball will do the trick.

The CAP Barbell 40 pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set is just what the doctor ordered and it’s affordable at $39.99.  Or maybe he’d better enjoy a Body-Solid Tools Dual Grip Medicine Ball.  The ball weights vary from 6 pounds to 20 pounds and price starts at $39.00.

Dad, The Music Mogul

Maybe dad’s a little bit country or a little bit rock-n-roll.  Around here, the genre of choice is hip hop.  Regardless of what type of music dad likes, could he use a new pair of earphones?

If dad prefers the in-ear type, these Symphonized NRG 2.0 Genuine Wood Noise-Isolating Earbuds at $25.99 are right on point.  On the other hand, if dad prefers the over-ear type, these Skullcandy Headphones with Mic are pretty sleek and just $36.97.

Dad, The Movie Buff

Does dad enjoy sitting down to a good movie?  Give him a gift he can enjoy over and over.  Whether you want to give him something that’s more for him to personally enjoy, or you want to show how much you care by hosting a family movie night with dad as the special guest, there are tons of movies to choose from on Amazon.

More recent movies start around $14.96 depending on the type of media you have, but older movies are cheaper.  Pick up some popcorn or dad’s favorite snack and beverage, and throw in a good movie and you’re all set!


Dad, The Video Gamer

Is dad attached to his PS4, or used to be?  Maybe it’s time for a new game.  Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a favorite around here, and with tons of action and excitement dad is sure to enjoy it.  Plus, it’s three different adventures all in one at $35.86.

If you’re not really sure what type of game to get dad, you could always get him a charger dock for his controllers.  This Pecham PS4 Dual Charger Dock saves space and even comes with joystick grips for the controllers.  At just $10.99 it’s a great deal for everyone.

Dad, The Sports Tailgater

Does dad attend every single home game in the area and tailgate beforehand?  Whether it’s soccer, football, or anything else, any tailgater knows you need good food and drinks.  What’s better than some freshly grilled burgers and dogs, and some nice cold beverages before a big game?

For $22.97, this Cuisinart 14″ Portable Charcoal Grill is perfect for tailgating and getting those nice smoky burgers and dogs.  Or even this Tailgaterz Cool-N-Carry Cooler for $25.95 will keep supplies handy and the beverages nice and cold.

If you still can’t figure out what dad might like for Father’s Day, you can always go with the usual.  For me, that’s a new pair of sneakers.  The man has more shoes than I do, but that’s just who is.  He’ll take a new pair of sneakers any day.

Regardless of what you do or don’t get him, don’t leave dad hanging this Father’s Day.  Take the time to show your love and appreciation for the dad(s) in your life.

*Prices mentioned in this post were current as of 6/5/16, but note that Amazon prices fluctuate on occasion.

Would any of these gift ideas work for you?

*This post may contain affiliate links.  I did not receive samples of these items in exchange for this post.  My opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the brands or sellers.  Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the brands/sellers.  Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.