Photo a Day: Weeks 18 & 19

Photo a Day: Weeks 18 & 19 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear

This week you’ll notice that I’ve changed up the format of my photos. Rather than doing a single photo for each day, I’m going to start doing weekly collages. You still get to see a photo from each day, but this way saves me A LOT of editing time. Consider it a new way I’m making time for other stuff. Enjoy!

Week 18

Photo a Day: Weeks 18 & 19 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
This week was full of school, homework, afternoon naps, book fairs, cake mix cookies, homemade crock pot macaroni and cheese, and eating whipped topping all by itself.

Week 19

Photo a Day: Weeks 18 & 19 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
This week was full of new rain boots, unscheduled indoor rain (at least according to my daughter), more self inking, a fall at school which created a big head knot, my daughter putting her shoes on by herself, and a trip to the Danone Nations Cup World Finals at Red Bull Arena.

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