Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

One of my favorite things about the holidays is seeing the joy on my kids faces on Christmas morning when they open all their gifts. Just last year I realized how important it is for the gifts to be labeled so my kids know exactly who they’re from. This way they know that no one forgot about them, including Santa. And now that my son is learning to read and recognizes his and his sister’s names, he can have a little more fun sorting the gifts himself.

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags | #free #printable #gifttags

With that being said, I knew I’d need some gift tags and decided to create some myself. Most gift tags are on the smaller side and I wanted something a little larger. Something that would be easy to see on the gifts and had enough room to legibly write on.

And with that, I created these free printable holiday gift tags. I just know my kids will love them and all I have to do is print out a page or two.

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags | #free #printable #gifttagsFree Printable Holiday Gift Tags | #free #printable #gifttags

*To print, click on the page you want and a 8.5″ x 11″ PDF file will open for easy printing.

Do you label your kids holiday gifts with gift tags?

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