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How to Get a Free Welcome Baby Box from Amazon

Are you expecting a baby or know someone who is? This offer is for you! When you create a baby registry at Amazon, you qualify for a FREE Welcome Baby Box from Amazon. There are a few things you need to know first, though, like guidelines and even a “trick.” Keep reading to learn how to get your Free Welcome Baby Box from Amazon and see everything that came in mine.

How to Get a Free Welcome Baby Box from Amazon | #free #babybox #Amazon #giftidea #babyshower #babygift

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Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! I know baby is on the way and you are likely scrambling to make sure everything is prepared. Let Amazon help by gifting you some free baby stuff (including both full and sample size products).

1. Amazon Prime Member

The first thing you need to know is that you must be an Amazon Prime member to qualify for the free baby box. At this point, if you’re not a Prime member, we can’t be friends (just kidding). But on the real, with all of the amazing perks to being a Prime member, and not just this free baby box, it’s definitely worth becoming a member if you’re not.

2. Baby Registry

Once you’re a Prime member, the next step is to simply create your baby registry. I say simply, but this can be time consuming as you browse all that Amazon has to offer. I can spend days and days adding stuff to a registry (and I did).

Amazon’s baby registry does a great job of breaking down the different categories into a checklist, from clothing, to toys, to feeding, and more. Pick and choose whatever you want.

I mentioned earlier that I have a “trick” and this is where it comes in handy. As a mom of 3, I already have a lot of baby gear. So when I created my Amazon baby registry for baby #3, there were a lot of things I just didn’t need. When I got to those particular items on the checklist in the registry creation process, rather than adding something I didn’t need, I just check marked the category as complete. A lot of people don’t know this, but you don’t HAVE to add something to accommodate each item on the checklist. But to be eligible for the free baby box, each checklist item must be check marked.

3. Share Your Registry

After creating your baby registry, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Not only will it help them figure out what to buy for you and baby, but it gets you one step closer to getting your free Amazon baby box.

The final step in eligibility is that someone must purchase $10 worth of items from your registry. It doesn’t have to be a single item that costs $10+, but can be multiple smaller priced items. It also doesn’t have to be purchased in a single order. If someone spends $7 from your registry and another person spends $5, you’ve met the $10 threshold.

It also doesn’t have to be someone else making the purchase. In my case, I added something to my registry that I just knew I had to have. So instead of waiting for someone else to buy it, I purchased it myself. It was more than $10 and since I was purchasing from my registry, I met this eligibility requirement myself.

4. Order Your Free Amazon Baby Box

If you make it to this step, you’ve met all eligibility requirements for the free Amazon baby box! Woohoo! Log into your Amazon account and view your baby registry. There should be somewhere to click to claim the free baby box.

You have to actually place an order for this box. It’s not something that is sent to you automatically. I missed out on mine with babies #1 and #2 because I didn’t know this.

When I ordered mine for baby #3, they were out of stock at the time. If this happens, just check back in a few days until it’s restocked and place your order.

What’s in the Amazon Welcome Baby Box?

While actual contents of the free Amazon baby box change over time, here is what was in mine from April 2018. You can expect some of these same products or comparable products, with potentially different brands.

Whether you’re the expecting parent, or want a fun gift for someone who is expecting, the Amazon Welcome Baby Box is awesome!

Have you ever gotten a Free Welcome Baby Box from Amazon?

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Baby Bath Time Favs

Baby’s first bath is a milestone in itself. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it’s not enjoyable for anyone. I was reminded of this just a few weeks ago when my youngest had his first bath. It was difficult for both him and me, but we quickly made it through with the help of some of my baby bath time favs. Since then, he’s started coming around and is now enjoying bath time as much as anyone else.

Baby Bath Time Favs | #sheamoisture #SykiBathSupport

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Baby Bath Time Favs | #sheamoisture #SykiBathSupport #bathtime #babyBaby Wash & Shampoo

While I’m not loyal to any one baby wash and shampoo brand, I do have some favorites. One of which is Shea Moisture. I even still use Shea Moisture on my older kids too. My favorite one for baby is the Olive & Marula Baby Head-to-Toe Wash & Shampoo with Avocado & Shea Butter. It’s gentle on baby’s skin and head, and smells amazing.

Bath Tub or Support

Obviously baby can’t hold and support himself in the bathtub, so some type of baby bath or support is needed. My favorite is the Syki Bath Support. What I like about Syki is that it’s not a typical mini baby tub, where baby is confined. It can be suctioned directly into the tub (can also be used in a baby tub if desired) and I can run water right into the tub like I would for my older kids. Baby is gently supported with soft backing and has the freedom to move his arms and legs in the water.

Baby Bath Time Favs | #sheamoisture #SykiBathSupport #bathtime #baby

This has been a big change from using a traditional baby tub with my first two kids, but the Syki Bath Support quickly became a favorite. Even when my baby isn’t in the mood for a bath, the bath support makes bath time quick and easy. Since his arms and legs are free to move around, I also have easy access to bathe him well without worrying about the constraints of a baby tub.

The shape and size of the Syki Bath Support is perfect for infants aged newborn to 6 months. And the size is great for storing compared to a typical baby tub. It’s not near as bulky and difficult to store while not in use. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a sponge and the water quickly drains through tiny holes featured throughout. With a traditional baby tub, I hated when the wash and shampoo would build up in the bottom where the legs are. Cleanup was always difficult, but the design of the Syki Bath Support eliminates that issue and is much more hygienic.

Baby Bath Time Favs | #sheamoisture #SykiBathSupport #bathtime #babyTowels & Washclothes

Little hooded baby towels are one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and they come in so many designs – lions, bears, puppies, kittens, elephants, monkeys, sharks, you name it. Even the simple, basic ones are cute, or maybe it’s just the baby because everything baby is cute. These Luvable Friends hooded towel/washcloth sets are one of my favs because they make bath time fun, fashionable, and they are relatively inexpensive.

Baby Bath Time Favs | #sheamoisture #SykiBathSupport #bathtime #babyLotion

When bath time is over, baby needs a little extra love and moisturizing. Again, I’m not loyal to any one particular brand of baby lotion, but Shea Moisture is another fav here. You can actually purchase a wash/shampoo and lotion set of my favorite scent of Shea Moisture. It’s gentle on all skin types, even baby’s, and smells great. It makes after bath baby cuddles so much more enjoyable.

What are your favorite baby bath time products?

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6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom

Simply put, breastfeeding is hard. I can confidently say it’s probably one of the hardest and most frustrating things I’ve ever done. I had planned to nurse my firstborn, but being as inexperienced as I was, it just didn’t work out. When kiddo number two came along, I was determined to make breastfeeding work and I did; but the first few months were hard. And now with kiddo number three, here I am nursing again. Even after successfully breastfeeding my second child for over a year and a half, getting started with my youngest has still been difficult. The good news is that there are products available that make the process a lot easier and these are my six essentials for a breastfeeding mom.

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #Lilbuds

~Thank you to Lil’buds for providing a sample for review. This post contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a small commission for your purchase. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

1. Nursing Bras

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #LilbudsThis may be a no-brainer, but breastfeeding moms will literally live in their nursing bras. There are some nights I don’t even bother with pajamas and just wear my nursing bra to bed. This is one essential that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. In fact, the ones I am using now were purchased at Burlington for around $8 each. They’re comfortable, cute, and serve their purpose.

What I look for in a nursing bra are that they’re made of a soft material, are stretchy, supportive, and easy to clip and un-clip with one hand. It’s pretty amazing what a mom can do with one hand.

2. Nursing Pads

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #LilbudsIt’s only a matter of time before a breastfeeding mom starts to leak. It can happen when you get too full, when you hear your baby crying (or another baby crying), one side can leak while feeding on the other, etc. Leaking happens!

My absolute favorite nursing pads are Bamboobies. What I love most about Bamboobies is that their unique heart shape make them less noticeable in my bra. The round shaped nursing pads, even those with cinched middles, show horribly through my bra and shirt.

3. Nipple Cream

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #LilbudsThe first week, at least for me, has been the most painful (until teething starts). You and baby are trying to work together to get a proper latch, but sometimes it takes a bit to get it together. An improper latch causes dry, cracked nipples and man do they hurt. Nipple cream will help to heal your nipples and prevent them from becoming dry and cracked in the future. Any brand of nipple cream will do and they should all be safe for baby to put in their mouth.

4. Breast Comfort Packs

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #LilbudsWhen milk supply starts coming in, your breasts always feel warm; but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use some more warmth or even cool compression to help ease some discomfort. Lil’buds breast comfort packs can help with both!

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #LilbudsWant to warm your milk ducts to ensure you get the most out of pumping or feeding? Need some relief from clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement, pumping, etc.? Lil’buds can be heated in the microwave for a warming effect, or chilled in the freezer for a cooling effect. And since they’re filled with flax seed, they’re an all-natural product.

After feeding my little one I love using my Lil’buds out of the freezer. The cooling effect feels nice when my breasts are warm all the time from milk production. Their shape is perfect for slipping right into my nursing bra. No matter where I want coverage or how much coverage, I can use one or both at the same time and they form well to the curves of a breast.

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #Lilbuds

5. Breast Pump

Even if you are exclusively nursing from the breast, it’s a good idea to have a breast pump around. Pumping can help build up your milk supply initially and help relieve engorgement in between feedings. It can take a few months for your body to equalize to the point it only produces as much as your baby needs, based on how often they come to the breast. But until you get to that point, there’s a chance you may overproduce or even under-produce. Pumping can help with that. And for those moms who overproduce all the time, a breast pump will be your best friend. I can only imagine how much engorgement would be caused when the milk builds up.

I’ve tried fancy and expensive breast pumps in the past, and personally I don’t find them necessary. Right now I’m using the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump and it’s doing just fine. I like that it’s small in size, so it’s easy to take wherever I need to. It doesn’t need it’s own separate carrying bag, like some others. It may not look like much, but it also has different settings and it doesn’t cost $300+.

6 Essentials for a Breastfeeding Mom | #breastfeeding #Lilbuds

6. Water

Last, but not least, water. Not only does water intake help with milk production, but when I get to feeding or pumping I get a thirst like no other. So I find it helpful to always have water nearby when breastfeeding.

Do you have any other breastfeeding essentials?

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A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby

Let’s talk baby carriers. As a mom of three I’ve had my fair share of baby carriers and have actually written about some on the blog. But you guys, there is NO baby carrier that compares with LILLEbaby. This was made very apparent to me when I spent a day at the park with the my youngest two.

A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby | #LILLEbaby #Disney #babycarrier #MickeyMouse

~I received a sample to help facilitate this post. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

You’ve probably heard or seen LILLEbaby somewhere at some point. I’ve actually been eyeing them for about two years, but I had been gifted other baby carriers (various slings and traditional carriers) and just used those with my now two year old. Now that kiddo three is here and we’ve decided he’s going to be the last, I knew this would be my last chance to see what the LILLEbaby hype is all about. The hype is everything it’s said to be!


I decided to go with one of LILLEbaby’s COMPLETE All Seasons carriers and there are so many amazing features, I don’t even know where I want to start. How about design? LILLEbaby carriers come in all different colors and designs, whether your style is plain and simple, or you like to have a little fun with prints, LILLEbaby has lots of designs to choose from.

A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby | #LILLEbaby #Disney #babycarrier #MickeyMouse

I have a lot of simplicity in my life, but sometimes like to stand out a little, so I opted for the Mickey Classic design from the Disney Baby Collection. My kids love all things Disney, as do I, and I’m sure my newest little guy will be no different. I think the Mickey Classic print is just as cute as can be and when we visit Disney World in the next few months, my little mouseketeer will fit right in.


None of the carriers that I used with my first two kids were so versatile that I could use them in six different positions. With the LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons baby can be carried in front-fetal, front-infant, front-outward, front- toddler, hip, and back carry.

A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby | #LILLEbaby #Disney #babycarrier #MickeyMouse
It doesn’t look like it from this angle, but my little guy is in there, sitting comfortably in the front-fetal position.


My son just turned one month so we’re currently using the front-fetal position. While you can purchase an infant insert, it’s not needed. All it takes is a rolled up swaddle blanket and we’re in business. And I have to tell you, I’m pretty stoked that I’ll be able to use this same carrier through his toddler years. In fact, my two year can be carried in the back position.


When it comes to LILLEbaby, comfort comes two-fold, comfort for baby and comfort for mom and dad.


  • Always in a seated position. This is important for proper growth and development, and not all baby carriers take this into consideration.
  • Fabric is made of microfiber and breathable 3D mesh, so baby stays comfy and won’t overheat.
  • The extendable torso helps provide back and neck support, not just for infants who can’t hold their heads up, but for taller babies too.

A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby | #LILLEbaby #Disney #babycarrier #MickeyMouse

Mom and Dad

  • The wide, padded shoulder straps and waist belt make carrying baby so much more comfortable since baby’s weight is distributed evenly for maximum comfort.
  • The little piece that goes on the lower back is such a simple addition, but makes a world of difference in lumbar support. I’m able to carry my little guy in his LILLEbaby for prolonged periods of time without straining my back because I’m maintaining a healthier posture and alignment.
  • Easy to adjust straps make getting settled in a breeze. From the time I start putting our LILLEbaby on, I have full and easy access to the straps and buckles I need to adjust so that the fit is tight, but comfortable. Some adjustments are as easy as reaching over and behind my shoulders, or simply by my side/ribs or hip, and baby stays calm the whole time. Thank goodness for no more frustrating finagling!


I’m not going to lie, when I had my first look at LILLEbaby carriers I was intimidated. I was thinking how in the world am I going to figure out how to use all the buttons and buckles. It just seemed to be like a complicated contraption that I didn’t want to deal with. But now that I’ve taken a little bit of time to learn about all of the features and just how everything works, I’m in love. Even the extra components come in handy.

A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby | #LILLEbaby #Disney #babycarrier #MickeyMouse

Pockets have become an exciting accessory in dresses, so why wouldn’t they be exciting on a baby carrier. You are wearing it.

Friend: “I love your dress.”

Me: “Thanks, it has pockets.”

In LILLEbaby terms –

Friend: “I love that baby carrier.”

Me: “Thanks, it has pockets.”

See what I mean? Haha! The LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons has a large zippered storage pocket and an easy to reach pocket for storing the hood and other essentials. Leave the purse behind and carry your phone, cards, and keys in a pocket!

And I just mentioned the hood, which is great for supporting and shading baby’s head while sleeping, and also provides privacy while nursing. It’s totally an optional thing and can be removed if you don’t need it, or simply when not using it. I breastfeed my son, so it is definitely handy to have around.

A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby | #LILLEbaby #Disney #babycarrier #MickeyMouse

Oh, and did I mention it’s machine washable? What a lifesaver. We haven’t had any blowouts or spit up incidents in our LILLEbaby yet, but after three kids I know it’s only a matter of time.

So I ask, what’s not to love? I’m telling you, the hype is real. LILLEbaby is literally the ONLY baby carrier you will ever need. The quality is great and it will last from infancy through toddlerhood. That’s why a price tag of $170 doesn’t even phase me and shouldn’t phase you either.

A Day at the Park with LÍLLÉbaby | #LILLEbaby #Disney #babycarrier #MickeyMouse

How did our day at the park go? It was hot as heck, but I unzipped the back of the LILLEbaby to expose the mesh material so my son could get some ventilation. He slept the entire time. It took no time at all for him to fall asleep after I got him settled in and started walking. Of course, this made the day easy and I could focus my attention on my toddler while she played on the splash pad.

What is your favorite feature of LÍLLÉbaby?

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What’s in My Hospital Bag? From a Mom of 3

Here we go again. We’re heading to the hospital because it’s time to meet baby #3. But this time I didn’t pack anything extra and only what I know I’ll need or want. So, what should you pack for the hospital for labor and delivery? Here’s what’s in my hospital bag and what’s not!

What's in My Hospital Bag? From a Mom of 3 | #baby #hospitalbag #babyontheway

For Mom

Loose PJ’s

While this isn’t an absolute must-have item, it’s one you’ll definitely want. If delivering naturally, you’ll be in the hospital for at least 2 days. And if delivering via c-section, you could be in the hospital for up to 3 days. While you can wear a hospital gown during the whole stay (I did this with my first 2 babies), you aren’t going to want to.

Yea, it’s okay for the actual labor and delivery, but after that you want to be comfortable and feel as much like yourself as possible, so pack some loose PJ’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gown or pajama set, as long as it’s loose you’ll feel much more comfortable and more like yourself in your PJ’s than a hospital gown. I opted for one of my favorite night gowns that is loose fitting and has easy access for nursing.


The hospital typically provides toiletries for mom, but they aren’t of the greatest quality. I packed travel size body wash, shampoo, conditioner (the hospital didn’t provide conditioner and my hair is near impossible to brush without it so thank goodness I brought some), and brought my toothbrush and toothpaste from home. And don’t forget a brush and hair ties. After pushing out a baby, my hair is the least of my worries and I just want it out of the way. Oh, and deodorant too.

What's in My Hospital Bag? From a Mom of 3 | #baby #hospitalbag #babyontheway

Phone & Charger

Obviously, you’re going to want to tell the world (or at least the important people in your life) that your new bundle of joy has arrived. Be it phone calls, texts, social media posts, or the hundreds of photos you take, it’s only a matter of time before your phone dies. As it is, you probably never leave home without your phone anyways so that’s not really to worry about, but don’t accidentally leave the charger behind. I think I checked about 3 times before leaving home to make sure I had my phone charger.

Nipple Cream

If you plan to breastfeed your baby, you’ll want some nipple cream on hand in the hospital. I’ve breastfed two of three of my kids, and the first week is always the most painful. I had dry, cracked nipples the first week and it makes it difficult to continue breastfeeding. I won’t lie, quitting and switching completely to formula crossed my mind more than once, but with the help of some nipple cream and temporary pumping every now and then, I’ve been able to continue breastfeeding. And once you and baby figure out the breastfeeding thing, it gets much better.


Even if you’ve preregistered at the hospital, you still want to have your ID, insurance card, and a copy of your prenatal records with you when you arrive at the hospital. Sometimes the medical providers don’t have access to your prenatal records and if they do, there’s a good chance they haven’t had time to look at them. By having a copy with you, it makes things move a little quicker. And even if no one verifies your insurance, you’ll still need that information when filling out paperwork for the baby.

For Baby

Clothes to Wear Home

This has always been my favorite thing to pack in my hospital bag. Baby’s first outfit! I went through and separated baby’s clothes by size, and then picked my absolute favorite newborn sized outfit (that also fit with the current weather).

What's in My Hospital Bag? From a Mom of 3 | #baby #hospitalbag #babyontheway

Blanket for Baby

When baby #3 was born, the weather that week had been up and down. It was hot one day and cold the next, so I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like when we were discharged. I decided to pack a blanket for baby just in case it was cold outside and he needed some warmth.

On the same topic, you don’t have to keep your baby swaddled in the hospital blankets. You can bring your own and swaddle baby in his own blankets. I didn’t do this, but if it’s something you would prefer, by all means do it.

That’s it! I wasn’t weighing down my hospital bag with unnecessary stuff this time. Besides, I knew the hospital would be sending me home with diapers and possibly other baby supplies (formula, pacifiers, circumcision supplies) and supplies to care for myself post-delivery, and I would need room to carry it all. But this doens’t mean there aren’t other things you can take. I just personally didn’t find them necessary.

Optional Items

Change of Clothes for Mom

Like PJ’s this isn’t an absolute must because when discharged you can easily wear home the same thing you were wearing when you arrived at the hospital. That being said, I was induced so everything was planned. If you spontaneously go into labor, you may not necessarily be wearing the most comfortable clothes or even clean ones at that. You’re not going to want to wear those same clothes home, so having a loose fitting change of clothes in your hospital bag will be helpful in this instance.


The hospital will provide you with 3 meals a day after the baby is born (you can’t eat while in labor), but as you probably know, hospital food isn’t that great. And even if you do eat it, you’ll probably still want some snacks in between. There’s no reason you can’t pack some snacks and munch on them between meals.

What's in My Hospital Bag? From a Mom of 3 | #baby #hospitalbag #babyontheway

Do Not Take These Items


You will not have time to be on your computer! While in labor you’re going to either be focused on breathing and getting through the pain, relaxing and sleeping before baby comes (thank goodness for epidurals), or will be too nervous to focus on anything else. And once baby arrives he’s going to need a lot of attention and you’ll be sleeping whenever you can. You will not have time to be on your computer so leave it at home.

Baby Supplies

While in the hospital, you will be supplied with everything you’ll need for baby – diapers, wipes, formula, etc., and can even take home the extras. There’s no need to bring any of that from home. In fact, I suggest you take home as many baby supplies as you can from the hospital. Don’t be afraid to ask the nurse for extra diapers or formula. Most of the time they’ll say yes and the worst they can say is no.

Breast Pump

Even if you plan to be a pumping mom, there’s no need to bring a breast pump to the hospital. If you want to pump, the hospital will have a pump on hand for you to use (just ask) and will also store the milk in a fridge until you need it.


Look, you’re not going ANYWHERE until you’re discharged. You don’t need anything in your purse, aside from your ID and insurance card, but that can be placed in your hospital bag. Leave your purse at home. It’s one less thing you have to keep up with.

What are your must-have hospital bag items?

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How to Get a Free Baby Box

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having kids, it’s that they are expensive. We want our kids to have the best gear and anything they could want or need, but the reality is, they don’t need it all. One of the things on most parents’ baby registries is a crib or bassinet. That’s fine. In fact, we are still using the convertible crib we got when my first was born. My daughter is currently using it as a toddler bed. But a crib isn’t needed right away and many times can be dangerous for newborns and infants. So as a soon to be three time mom, my advice is to start with a baby box. Save the crib expense for later and focus on other things. Besides, many of you can get a baby box for free and I’m going to tell you how!

How to Get a Free Baby Box | #free #babybox #TheBabyBoxCo

What is a baby box?

To my knowledge baby boxes are a fairly new concept to the U.S., but have been around for a long time in other countries, especially Finland. It’s literally a cardboard box for baby to safely sleep in. It comes with a firm, box fitted mattress and a sheet for the mattress.

How to Get a Free Baby Box | #free #babybox #TheBabyBoxCo

How to Get a Free Baby Box | #free #babybox #TheBabyBoxCo

I know it sounds weird to have your baby sleeping in a box, but other countries have found a reduced number of infant deaths from using them. Some reasons for reduced deaths include things like:

  • Not placing blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals in the box with baby.
  • Firm mattress eliminates risk of suffocation.
  • It’s portable and can easily be moved from room to room (don’t move it with baby in it), which makes parents less likely to place baby wherever is convenient.
  • Just a reminder – no matter what baby is sleeping in/on, he should always be sleeping on his back.

How to Get a Free Baby Box:

People living in certain states have the ability to get a baby box for free from The Baby Box Co. All you have to do is “attend” Baby Box University. Don’t worry, it’s literally just watching about 20 minutes worth of online videos.

Even as a third time mom, I found the various videos to be great reminders. Of course, I was already aware of most of the info, but it was nice to have a refresher because after having your first child you get comfortable, and know what to expect and what works for you. Quite frankly that can sometimes put your child in an unknown danger. And as a first time parent, the info in the videos is even better.

Once you’ve completed Baby Box University, simply place your order. You’ll be given options in your area to pick up the baby box for free from places like local libraries, or for $3 you can have the box delivered. I paid the $3 and just had mine delivered. So for free (or even $3 for convenience) your baby can have a safe and compact place to sleep.

To find out if your state or facility qualifies visit The Baby Box Co.

Has your child ever slept in a baby box?

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How to Know Your Breastfed Baby is Eating Enough + Giveaway

As if breastfeeding weren’t hard enough, if you’re not pumping there’s no way to tell how much your baby is actually eating. So how do you know she’s getting enough? This was the same question I asked myself as I breastfed my daughter (my first breastfed child). There are clues that us moms can look at get the answer, but if you’re still not sure, I have a solution that will ease the concern.

How To Know Your Breastfed Baby is Eating Enough + Giveaway | #EatSmart #babyscale #giveaway #breastfeeding

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I feel saddened when I see stories in the media where an infant has died because the mom wasn’t producing enough breast milk. It brings up the question, just as I have wondered myself, when exclusively breastfeeding how do you know your baby is getting enough milk? Without going too far into the topic because it’s not the focus of this post, but many moms are pushed to breastfeed because “breast is best.” But if a mother isn’t producing enough milk to feed her child and the child just isn’t benefiting from it, then “fed is best,” even if that means switching to formula.

For those mom’s who choose, or plan, to exclusively breastfeed (I did this with my second child and plan to do the same with my next), you may think the only way to know your baby is getting enough food is by weighing in at the doctor’s office. This is certainly one way of knowing, but when you have a newborn the last thing you want to do is go to the doctor multiple times a week for a weight in. So here are some things you can look for at home to ensure your baby is eating enough.

How To Know Your Breastfed Baby is Eating Enough + Giveaway | #EatSmart #babyscale #giveaway #breastfeeding

Know What to Expect

It is typical for newborns to lose some of their birth weight in the first week. For breastfed babies, a 7-10% weight loss is normal during that time, and it can take 2-3 weeks for the baby to put that weight back on. So don’t be surprised if your newborn sheds a little weight in the first week.

Feeding Pattern and Satisfaction

One thing to look for is your baby’s feeding pattern. When first latching on, your baby will suck in a rapid manner, which helps release the milk. Once the flow is started the baby will start a more slow, pulling pattern and then swallow. If you don’t notice the slower pulling motion and then swallowing, but more of the rapid sucking, it may mean baby isn’t getting enough milk.

Another thing to look for in the feeding pattern is how often your baby wants to feed, and if he seems full and satisfied after. This can be a little difficult for some because some babies want to feed ALL the time, whether they’re getting enough milk or not.  Once in a routine, most babies feed 8-12 times per day.

Personal experience: During the first week of breastfeeding my daughter, she wanted to feed all the time and for long periods of time at that. She never seemed fully satisfied. In addition to breastfeeding, I was supplementing with formula because I was concerned she wasn’t getting enough milk from me, but that too seemed to be an issue. After talking with the pediatrician, she determined my daughter was tongue-tied and sent us to a specialist. My daughter ended up getting her tongue clipped. The little piece of skin under her tongue (not getting all medical terminology here) was holding her tongue too tightly and she wasn’t able to stick her tongue out enough to get a good latch and sucking motion. So in this case, it wasn’t that my milk supply was low, but was actually a simple fix.

Soiled Diapers

How To Know Your Breastfed Baby is Eating Enough + Giveaway | #EatSmart #babyscale #giveaway #breastfeedingAnother thing to look for is how many soiled or dirty diapers your baby has each day. After a few days of being in a routine, babies should have 6+ pee diapers and 4+ poop diapers. These are figures I’ve been given by my kids’ pediatrician, but I don’t think my kids ever had 4+ poop diapers per day. As long as they were going regularly, I didn’t worry and the pediatrician didn’t seem to either. So as long as your baby is soiling diapers regularly, I wouldn’t be concerned.

Outgrowing Clothes

Is your baby continually outgrowing his clothes? If so, he’s gaining weight and is getting enough milk. My kids didn’t last in newborn sizes for very long. In fact, the newborn outfit my daughter wore home from the hospital was the only time she wore it. And ever since then both of my kids have been wearing clothing that’s larger than suggested. For example, within the first month I’m pretty sure my kids were already wearing size 3 months and it just continued from there.

Gaining Weight

The most obvious sign that your breastfed baby is getting enough milk is from verifiable weight gain. Sometimes these other signs are difficult to assess, but actual weight gain on the scale is unquestionable. But like I said earlier, when you have a newborn, the last thing you want is to be at the doctor’s office every few days for a weigh in. So why not measure and monitor this at home?

How To Know Your Breastfed Baby is Eating Enough + Giveaway | #EatSmart #babyscale #giveaway #breastfeeding

You can with the EatSmart Precision Baby & Pet Check Scale.

  • Track baby’s growth between doctor’s visits (from newborn to toddler).
  • Measures in pounds or kilograms.
  • Measures in 0.5 ounce increments, up to 44 pounds (20 kg).
  • Easy to clean platform.
  • Deduct the weight of a toy, diaper, or blanket with the Tare function.
  • Save and track weight with the Memory function.

How To Know Your Breastfed Baby is Eating Enough + Giveaway | #EatSmart #babyscale #giveaway #breastfeeding

I even have the chance for one of you to win an EatSmart Precision Baby Check Scale, so you can track your breastfed baby’s weight gain at home. It doesn’t get more definitive than numbers on the scale! Enter using the giveaway form below.

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Kids Tulle Skirt | C’est Ça New York

With some precious holidays coming up, like Valentine’s Day and Easter, I have been looking for the perfect, versatile fashion piece for my daughter. When I came across C’est Ça New York and its kids tulle skirts, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

Kids Tulle Skirt by C'est Ça New York | #kidsfashion #tulleskirt

~I received a sample to help facilitate this post. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

What initially drew me to the kids tulle skirt at C’est Ça New York is the semi-puffy nature. When I think of tulle skirts, I immediately think of a tutu, which can be pretty full and puffy. And while they are adorable, in my opinion they aren’t as versatile in nature.

C’est Ça New York kids tulle skirts have four layers of high-density soft tulle. Just enough to give a little flare, but not over the top puffy. I find it to be just the right amount of flare to keep the piece versatile and a part of my daughter’s everyday wardrobe. We can dress it up or dress it down on any given day.

The other thing that attracted me to the kids tulle skirt is all of the beautiful colors it comes in. The more pastel colors, like champagne, blush pink, and blush peach are all perfect for spring and summer time. (Also available in white, ash gray, navy, black, and beige.)

Kids Tulle Skirt by C'est Ça New York | #kidsfashion #tulleskirt

I put together a cute Valentine’s Day outfit for my daughter and it’s definitely a hit. I decided to give the blush peach skirt a little bit of a rocker kick with black leggings, black leather jacket, and of course, her heart-shaped glasses. Rocker-chic, it’s just a prime example of how versatile the piece it.

And since the first time she tried it on, she has gone into her room and put on her tulle skirt and leather jacket every day since. So I think it’s safe to say she loves it. I can’t wait to put together an Easter look!

Kids Tulle Skirt by C'est Ça New York | #kidsfashion #tulleskirt

The actual fit of the kids tulle skirt is spot on, too. My daughter is currently wearing 3T, which corresponds with C’est Ça New York’s kids size medium (3T/4T). I’m always a little concerned when ordering from somewhere new that the sizing may be off a little, whether too small or too big, but this skirt fit perfectly. (Available in sizes 6m-8.)

The flat stretchy waistband also makes it a comfortable fit. Even as my daughter grows, the stretchy waistband will allow her to fit this tulle skirt for at least a couple of years to come.

Kids Tulle Skirt by C'est Ça New York | #kidsfashion #tulleskirt

If the kids tulle skirt isn’t fun enough alone, they also come in Mommy and Me sets! If you want to match your daughter anytime soon, you can order your own tulle skirt in the exact same color as your child’s. You’ll both be too cute to handle!

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How would you style a kids tulle skirt from C’est Ça New York?

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Medications You Can Take While Pregnant

One of the worst things about pregnancy is getting sick. You can’t just go to the store and pick up any over the counter medication you want, but there are some medications that are safe for you to take. This list of symptoms and medications you can take while pregnant will help when that time comes.

Medications You Can Take While Pregnant | #pregnant #sick

~I am not a medical professional and the info provided here is info that was provided to me by my OB/GYN. If you have questions or a serious illness, please visit your doctor.~

I’ve gotten sick at least once with every pregnancy, including right now with my third. And while I’ve been through it before, I still find myself looking online and asking my doctor what is safe to take.

Luckily, this time around my doctor gave me a list of medications that are safe to take while pregnant. This was the first time in three pregnancies that I’ve received a list like this and it has been a lifesaver. It has saved me from finding incorrect information online and also saved me additional visits to my doctor.

I know I’m not alone, so I want to share with you this list of acceptable medications to take while pregnant.

No matter what, don’t ever take Aspirin, Advil or Motrin while pregnant.


  • Pepto Bismol
  • Emetrol

Remember that nausea and vomiting are typical in pregnancy, but anytime you experience excessive nausea/vomiting, call your doctor. If you’re unable to keep liquid down for more than one day, are weak or dizzy, you need to make a visit to your doctor.


  • Aches/Pains – Tylenol
  • Congestion – Sudafed
  • Coughing – Robitusin
  • Sore Throat – Chloraseptic/Cepacol Lozenges; Listerine gargle

One of my favorite home remedies for a sore throat is hot/warm honey chamomile tea. Add a teaspoon (or more) of honey to the steeped tea and you’re good to go. Adding a little lemon helps too. This has been my go-to for a sore throat for all three pregnancies.

Medications You Can Take While Pregnant | #pregnant #sick

If you have a fever over 101 degrees, are coughing up a lot of phlegm, or have no improvement in 2-3 days, you need to make a visit to your doctor.


  • Mylanta
  • Maalox
  • Tums
  • Rolaids

If you experience severe abdominal pain, you need to make a visit to your doctor.


  • Benadryl
  • Zyrtec
  • Allegra
  • Claritin


  • Senakot
  • Psyllium
  • Konsyl Easy Mix – stool softener and natural laxative
  • Milk of Magnesia/Colace – Take twice a day if stool is hard. It takes one week to be effective.
  • Include salads/leafy greens in your diet and drink plenty of water.


  • Kaopectale
  • Pepto Bismol
  • BRAT Diet – bananas, rice, applesauce, tea or toast


  • Tylenol (regular or extra strength), two tabs every 4 hours


  • Konsyl Easy Mix
  • Preparation H or Anusol
  • Tucks

Leg Cramps

  • Oscal 500 mg or similar over the counter calcium, twice a day
  • Massage area and apply light heat.


  • It is okay to see your dentist:
    • Get x-rays with abdominal shield
    • Receive novacaine
    • Take antibiotics and/or pain meds
  • Gum bleeding is common. See your dentist if it persists.
*I am not a medical professional and the info provided here is info that was provided to me by my OB/GYN. If you have questions or a serious illness, please visit your doctor. Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

OXO Air Stroller Giveaway

Are you or someone you know looking for a truly compact stroller? This is the giveaway for you! Let’s be real, strollers are one of the bulkiest baby items parents own, but if you had one that folded down not just easily, but super compact as well, why wouldn’t you want it? That’s exactly what OXO’s Air Stroller does and MamatheFox is giving one away!

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OXO: OXO makes 1,000+ products covering numerous areas of the home. Their big philosophy is Universal Design; basically, creating products that almost anyone can use. OXO tot brand was inspired after a baby boom in the office. When their employees faced parent pet peeves firsthand, they decided to start problem solving. OXO tot line covers a number of products such as feeding, seating, and on-the go for your littles one.

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