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New Reading Surprises with The Story Box

If you can’t tell yet, I’ve recently become a huge fan of monthly subscription boxes. And guess what, my kids have too! They love getting new surprises in the mail each month, especially if it’s a cool package to open, and I love the joy and excitement on their faces when they open a new box.

Their latest subscription box addition is from The Story Box and every month they each get a new book that’s fit for their age. We make time almost on a daily basis to sit down and explore the characters and adventures that what await inside their books. Let’s just say their reading collection has grown at such a rapid pace that the book shelf I made them a few months ago just isn’t big enough anymore.

The Story Box provides your children with 2 new story books to explore each month. Subscribe today and save $6 off your first order! #subscriptionbox

The Story Box has 3 different box options to choose from, but they all include a parent guide and 2 books that are curated by a speech-language pathologist.

  • Board Books Package – for children ages 0 to 2.5 years.
  • Picture Books Package – for children ages 2.5 to 6 years.
  • Family Package – for families with children in both age ranges.

Since I have a 1 year old (as of tomorrow!) and a 4 year old, I chose the Family Package. The selections in our August box included a  board book entitled Sheep Go To Sleep, and a picture book entitled Shark’s Big Surprise.

The Story Box provides your children with 2 new story books to explore each month. Subscribe today and save $6 off your first order! #subscriptionbox

My kids were super excited to see they got some new stories to read and couldn’t wait to get into them. Yesterday was pretty gloomy and rainy, which actually cooled down the weather a little bit. So after the rain stopped, we headed to our bench outside to enjoy the nice, cool evening and spend some time experiencing their new books.

The Story Box provides your children with 2 new story books to explore each month. Subscribe today and save $6 off your first order! #subscriptionbox

And these aren’t just your ordinary run of the mill books. There’s so much to enjoy about them. For starters, the board books are perfect for my toddler because she can’t tear them up. She has an interest in ripping things apart – tissue, magazines, and even her brothers books. She’s already destroyed a handful of his books. So it’s a big plus we can enjoy a book with her that she can’t demolish.

The Story Box provides your children with 2 new story books to explore each month. Subscribe today and save $6 off your first order! #subscriptionbox

As for the picture books for my son, I love that they come with suggested challenges that I, as the parent, can challenge and help my son with. For example, one of the suggestions included on the parent guide for Shark’s Big Surprise was to talk with my son about the sound each animal makes in the story and then do a small recall activity to see if he could match the sound with its animal. So not only is my son getting to experience a new world and story with the book, but I can also help develop his mind and language with the help of the parent guide.

Subscribe to The Story Box + Savings Code!

Ready to subscribe for your little one(s)? Simply visit The Story Box and choose which box best fits your child’s age. Use promo code TAKESIX and save $6 off your first order! Then you just have to wait in anticipation for your box to arrive! This month’s shipment is scheduled for September 21st.

And before I forget, a portion of each subscription fee is used to purchase books and other educational materials to benefit children with disabilities and children from low-income families. What a great way to not only help your child expand their mind, but help other children as well!

Which box option fits your child’s age?

Connect with The Story Box:

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*This post contains an affiliate link and I may receive compensation in exchange for this post.  I also received a sample free of charge.  My opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the brand.  Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the brand.  Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

Skinthology & PatchMD Make Taking Vitamins Easy

PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patches are the easiest, most effective way to stay healthy.

I was never much of a vitamin taker until I first became pregnant, and even then I quickly learned that vitamin pills were not my friend. I am absolutely no fan of gagging on gigantic pills, but could manage if I needed to. And since giving birth that’s exactly what I’ve done – managed. In an effort to continue living healthier I’ve been taking a multivitamin, although it’s not the most fun thing to do.

I later learned that my mother-in-law actually can’t stomach vitamin pills. Any time she takes one it upsets her stomach and brings about unwanted side effects. The whole point of taking vitamins and supplements is to live healthier, but if taking them orally is causing side effects, it’s not helping very much.

So what are we to do about taking vitamins? Is there no easier way than swallowing large pills or an alternative altogether to avoid an upset stomach or unwanted side effects? Yes! It just so happens there is.  The answer to our problems is PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patches.

PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patches are the easiest, most effective way to stay healthy.

PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patches are exactly what they sound like. They’re topical patches you place on your body, and release vitamins/supplements directly into the bloodstream throughout the day using a time release formula. It only takes one patch per day and lasts for 24 hours. Not to mention, the patches activate in the body within just 3-5 minutes. Do you know how long it takes an oral pill to take effect? 4 hours!!!

And that’s after passing through the stomach and digestive process. Not only do oral pills take longer to become effective, but you’re only getting as little as 5% of the supplement. Wait – what? You mean all this time I’ve been choking down vitamins, I haven’t been getting the full effect of the supplement? Not anymore! With PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patches I’m getting up to 95% of the supplement into my cells. Now that’s more like it!

If I can remember to take a pill AND choke it down, there’s no reason I can’t make time to put on a patch. It really doesn’t take any more time anyways and I don’t have to worry about choking down a pill.

And there’s quite a variety of PatchMD options available, too. Just take a look at this list!

  • Anti-Aging
  • B12 Energy Plus
  • CoQ10 Plus
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin
  • Iron Plus
  • Keep Klear Acne Prevention
  • KIDS Multivitamin + Omega 3
  • Last Call Hangover Prevention
  • Menopause Day Relief
  • Menopause Night Relief
  • Multivitamin Plus
  • Omega 3 Plus
  • PMS Day Relief
  • PMS Night Relief
  • Sleep Starter
  • Vitamin C Plus
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin D3/Calcium

PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patches are the easiest, most effective way to stay healthy.

I recently introduced my mother-in-law to PatchMD Vitamin D3 patches and she’s been using them for the past few days. She hasn’t had any of the problems or side effects she did with oral vitamin pills. The patches are easy to apply and remove from the skin, and really take no effort at all. You can even apply it in a location that’s discrete so that your clothes cover it up. No one will ever know you’re getting vitamin or supplement intake throughout the day. I mean, does it get any easier?

My son is a very picky eater and we have the hardest time getting any kind of good nutrition in his system. He won’t even take kids vitamins that are purchased over the counter, like Flintstones or even the gummy vitamins. Sneaking gummy vitamins into his fruit snacks doesn’t even work. He’s too smart for that. So on my list to try is the KIDS Mutlivitamin + Omega 3. Maybe a “sticker” will do the trick.

Shop PatchMD + Discount!

PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patches can be purchased online at and a 30 day supply is just $19.95. How amazing is that? For just $19.95 I can avoid choking and gagging on large pills, my mother-in-law can avoid unwanted side effects, and I can even get my son some vitamin/supplement intake. And right now we all can save 20% off a $60+ purchase with promo code STORE20! Who can’t make time for that?

Which PatchMD Vitamin Supplement Patch could you use?

*This post contains an affiliate link and I will/may receive compensation in exchange for this post.  I also received a sample free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  My opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the brand.  Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the brand.  Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

DIY Book Shelf: From Shoe Rack to Book Shelf

DIY Book Shelf: From shoe rack to book shelf! I'll show you how I turned an old shoe rack into a useful book shelf for my son.

With my son’s collection of books getting larger and larger, his reading materials have outgrown their storage basket.  I have been browsing online to see what cute and effective storage ideas I could find and came across some pocket shelving.  The problem is that I wasn’t willing to pay its cost if it wasn’t going to hold all of his books.  So I held off.

 Book Shelf Idea

Shortly thereafter, while visiting my parents, my mom asked if I wanted a shoe rack she was going to toss out.  At first I said no because I had no need for it and certainly didn’t need any additional clutter in my home.

Then all of a sudden it hit me!  I was thinking about the shoe rack and it dawned on me that I could turn it into something similar to the pocket shelving I had previously been eyeing.

Once I got home with the shoe rack, I took to Pinterest to see if I could find if someone else had done something similar.  I mean, why do trial and error if someone else already has it figured out?  But I couldn’t find anything.  So I decided to just do it my way and I absolutely love how it turned out!

DIY Book Shelf: From shoe rack to book shelf! I'll show you how I turned an old shoe rack into a useful book shelf for my son.

I’m certainly no seamstress, but I do know the basics of sewing.  And not only that, but I don’t even have an average sewing machine that has all of the basic functions.  I have a miniature sewing machine that only does a straight stitch and was still able to pull this off.

Step 1 – Find the perfect material to make the shelves/pockets.

I decided to go with a canvas-like material so that it would be sturdy.  And I liked this particular design because the words were fitting with books and reading.  I purchased 1.5 yards and used it all.

Step 2 – Take measurements.

As far as width I lucked out with not having to do any measuring because when folded in half, the sheet of material was exactly the width I needed.

Width Measurement

Measuring the length was a little more tricky and required some little helping hands.  Before measuring, I made sure I had the poles I’d be using in their appropriate slots and removed any excess poles I didn’t need.  Each pocket requires two poles, one in the top back and one in the bottom front.  Just repeat the pattern all the way down the shoe rack being used.  My shoe rack was tall enough for four shelves.

Next, I literally strung my flexible measuring tape around the poles and draped it how I wanted the pockets to fall.  I preferred to have deep pockets so that I could fit as many of my son’s books in them as possible, without having any topple out the front.  I ended up with three deep pockets and then the bottom pocket I had to make some adjustments on because it would fall closer to the floor.

Length measurements can be tricky.

To take the length measurement we started at the top back pole and wrapped the measuring tape around it because I was going to be sewing a slot to insert the pole.  Then we draped the measuring tape down to the pocket depth we wanted.  Next, we continued the measuring tape around the bottom front pole and made sure to add enough extra length so I could sew a seam on the bottom side of the actual drape.

Add additional length so there's no oopsie like this.

I know – sounds pretty confusing, but take a look at this and you’ll kind of see what I mean.  This is my first attempt at a pocket and a big oopsie on my part, haha.  The back of my one-sided designed material was showing!  So much for trying to plan and think ahead.

Now you can see why it’s important to add some extra length to create that seam on the underside of the drape.  Luckily, I was able to fix it by sewing on some additional material and you can’t see the seams where I added it on.

Step 3 – Mark your measurements and make your cuts.

As I just mentioned, I needed three pieces with the same measurements for the deep pockets.  And for the bottom pocket I needed to cut the material a little shorter in length since it was closer to the floor and wouldn’t drape as deeply.

Step 4 – Pin and sew.

Now we’re getting to the meat and potatoes!  When ready to start pinning and sewing, the first thing I did was sew a finished look to the sides of the pockets.  I simply folded the edges back slightly and sewed a straight seam all the way down.  This will give a simple finished look and no frayed threads along the sides of the pockets.

Fold sides slightly and sew to provide finished edges.

Nice finished edges.

Next, take a pole and wrap the top of the material around it and pin it in place.  Remove the pole and sew along the pins.  If you have a one-sided and one-directional design as I did, make sure you’re actually doing this at the top of the design.  I would have hated to end up with the materials wording design upside down.Pin along the pole and sew.

The last part of sewing was the bottom part.  With the back side of the material face up, I folded back the bottom about 6″ (according to my measurements), pinned it in place and sewed along that edge.  This seam lies on the underside of the pocket’s drape so it can’t be seen when in place.

Fold the bottom back.

The seam will be on the underside of the drape.

Not only does this create a finish to the bottom, but now you have a slot to place the bottom front pole.  And that’s all the sewing you need!

Slot to insert the bottom front pole.

Repeat the same pinning and sewing for all pockets.

Step 5 – Put it together.

It’s finally time to put everything in place and admire the finished product!

DIY Book Shelf: From shoe rack to book shelf! I'll show you how I turned an old shoe rack into a useful book shelf for my son.

If you’re using a super flimsy shoe rack, you may have to do something to the sides to stabilize it.  Once we put the books in ours, it was fairly stable I think because of the weight of the books, but it’s final resting home also provides some stability in case it were to rock side to side.

DIY Book Shelf: From shoe rack to book shelf! I'll show you how I turned an old shoe rack into a useful book shelf for my son.

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle

You can probably imagine  how crunched time can be when you’re a working-at-home-mom (well, maybe some of you can).  Between caring for the kids all day, trying to squeeze at least an hour or two of actual paid work in at some point (usually while the baby naps), making sure my son gets to soccer three days a week, and doing housework and cooking, there’s absolutely NO time for me.

But last month, I took it upon myself to MAKE time for me.  I took a day off from everything, or at least a few hours off.  Daddy stayed home with the kids and I headed to Atma Beauty in Miami Beach for some me time.

One week before my hair appointment.
One week before my hair appointment.

It was at that point I made a drastic beauty change.  I got rid of my long locks and went for a long bob kind of cut and also dyed my hair purple.  Yeap – that’s pretty drastic if you ask me.  But I absolutely love it!

The cut is something I’ve done before so that wasn’t really a major change, but going purple is not something I’ve ever done.  I have had my hair professionally dyed in the past, but it was really only a richer red color and nothing as crazy as purple.

My amazing stylist, Diana, was very patient with me as we spent hours working on my new look.  She started with the cut and then went straight into my first process.  Before going purple, Diana had to bleach my hair.  Otherwise, the purple color I was trying to achieve wouldn’t have taken very well.

Had to bleach my hair first. You couldn't pay me to keep my hair this color! Not a good look for me, haha.
Had to bleach my hair first. You couldn’t pay me to keep my hair this color! Not a good look for me. Pretty scary if you ask me, haha.

I wasn’t too nervous because I knew I was in good hands and knew this wasn’t the end of my hair makeover journey.  And thankfully so!  There is no way in hell I could ever be a blonde.  I am just way too pale with tons of freckles, so once that bleach hit my hair there was no turning back!

Purple dye was the final phase.
Purple dye was the final phase. Just look how purple it is!

After the bleaching process, Diana mixed my purple color and continued with my change.  Talk about purple!  Along with that she added in some hints of a pinkish orchid to give it some dimension and after about 4-5 hours my hair makeover was done.  I was instantly in love!

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle
I am in love with my new hair! Diana exceeded my expectations twofold.

I will say it took some getting used to all the stares I was getting.  If I wasn’t turning heads before, I certainly was now.  But after receiving a handful of compliments from complete strangers  in the first few days, I just assumed everyone who stared was simply admiring my amazing hair!  So admirers, go ahead and stare.  I don’t mind.  I know I look fabulous!  Haha!

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle
Admirers, go ahead and stare. I know my hair looks fabulous!

Now I can’t wait until my next appointment with Diana for a touch up, which I’m definitely due for any time now.  Just have to make some more time for me.

And if you’re in the Miami area, I highly recommend visiting Diana at Atma Beauty.  She’ll walk you through and explain everything, and as you can see, she does an absolutely amazing job!  Connect with her on social media below to see some of the work she’s done.  I know you’ll be blown away.

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle
My roots are showing and color is fading, so I’ll be visiting Diana very soon for a touch up.

Do you admire my new hairstyle?  Have you/would you do something so out of your norm?

Connect with Diana:  Facebook / Instagram

Connect with Atma Beauty:  Contact / Facebook / Instagram


Making Time for “The New”

What better way to get things rolling, than to share some things I’ve done this month as part of my New Year’s resolutions?  I suppose I should start by telling you that my most important resolution this year is to try something, do something, eat something, go somewhere, new.

This year I’m making time to do “the new.”

As the month comes to an end, I have the opportunity to reflect and think about how I’ve done “the new.”  So…what have I done?

Well, first and foremost, I’ve started this blog.  So exciting!  It’s been on my mind for months now and to finally have it up and running, and exactly how I’ve envisioned it, I couldn’t be happier.

Evio's Pizza & Grill

As a family, we tried a “new to us” local restaurant, Evio’s, that I’ve wanted to try for three years now.

Yes…three years I’ve been waiting to try this pizza/grill spot that’s literally a few minutes down the road.

I even had a discount for some time for this place through and it sat around unused for so long that the restaurant stopped taking them!

What took us three years?  Who knows.  We were surely sleeping on it, but we’re glad we finally tried it because the food is delicious.  It’s definitely a new contender for when we want to eat out or even order for pick up.  Pizza, burgers, pitas, wings…om nom nom.

No Bake Reese's Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Speaking of food, I also made my very first homemade cheesecake and boooooooy was it good.  I’ll have to share the recipe (stay tuned) because even if you don’t usually care for cheesecake, you will LOVE this one.  It’s a no bake Reese’s Peanut Butter cheesecake.  Go ahead…I don’t mind if you drool all over your computer, haha.  No judgment here.

So if you ask me, it’s been a great first month of making time for “the new” and I’m already planning for February which is going to be awesome.  This is one resolution I’ll be keeping for sure.

Have you done anything new lately?