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Making Time for a Fashionable Babe

Making Time for a Fashionable Babe

I love my son to death, but I have to admit – it is so much fun having a daughter to dress up.  I love putting her in dresses and cute little girly outfits and headbands and bows and frilly socks and cute shoes and – well, you get my point.

It amazes me at the fashion options available for little ones now.  While there are still very baby appropriate options, there are also some very fashionable ones.  I’m sure you’ve seen ads or even just photos of child models (and some who aren’t models) wearing some of the most fashionable clothes available and styles that adults would wear.  And though some of those styles aren’t appropriate for all occasions as far as a child goes, they are still very cute on babies and young children.

This is exactly how I feel about this floral three piece girl’s outfit from Leiwo.  Sadee gets so many compliments every time she wears it.  I mean, just look at how cute!  Florals are very in right now so that adds to it’s stylishness.

Making Time for a Fashionable Babe

The set comes with floral print pants and a matching headband, and a simple black tank top.  Sadee is now 9 months and I ordered this a little over a month ago.  I ordered size 9-12 months and the fit is absolutely perfect.

The headband is a little tight and I would prefer that it be just a tad (and I mean a tad) looser, just so that it doesn’t cut into the back of her head after wearing it for so long.  But because it’s snug, it stays in place and she’s not able to pull it off.

Making Time for a Fashionable Babe

My little chunky monkey is going to soon be too big for the outfit, so I kind of wish I had sized up to 12-18 months.  I could have easily rolled the pants legs up a little bit if I needed to.  So I would definitely suggest sizing up one size if you want to get more wear out of it because babies grow just so darn fast.  But as I said, it fits very true to size if that’s what you’re looking for.  Available sizes start at 9-12 months and go all the way up to 5-6 years.

The best part?  The outfit is only $12.99!  Yes, you read that right – $12.99!!!  To shop this outfit go here.

I’m actually thinking about ordering a larger size for when she gets a little bigger and is walking.  I can only imagine how cute she’d be walking around in it.

Do you keep your little one dressed in the latest fashions?

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Making Time for Mom: A Jamtastic Mother’s Day Gift

A Jamberry Mother's Day gift set is all mom ever wanted!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I want to share one of my personal favorite gifts – Jamberry nail wraps!  First, let me tell you a short story.

My mom has always been a woman with her nails done and has always done them herself.  She has all of the supplies needed to apply acrylic and over the past 20+ years has become pretty good at it.  The problem, at least in my opinion, is that she has been wearing the same exact brick red color for those 20+ years.  I guess it’s become her signature.  If at any time I see her without her nails done, I know something is wrong because it’s so out of her character.  But I mean, can we PLEASE try a different color, or pattern, or something?!

Making Time for Mom: A Jamtastic Mother's Day Gift

I, myself, have always been a nail biter and have never been able to keep pretty nails – ever.  But after trying Jamberry, that changed.  Whenever I have my Jamberry nail wraps on, I avoid messing with my nails because they’re just so amazingly awesome and I get compliments on them ALL the time.

There are over 300 designs to choose from and I want to try them all!  Now, if only I could get my mom on board.  I have to get her away from the usual brick red color and open her eyes to the wonderful world of Jamberry.  In doing so, I’d like to share what a wonderful Mother’s Day gift Jamberry would make!

Making Time for Mom: A Jamtastic Mother's Day Gift

Obviously, since I’ve mentioned it, Jamberry’s primary product is nail wraps.  What sets them apart is the use of a simple heat application technique, which allows them to adhere to the nail much better and last much longer than other brands.  I’ve tried other brands and some didn’t even last 24 hours.  But with Jamberry, my nail wraps stay on for 2+ weeks.

Quite frankly, I get so impatient after about a week and sometimes take my wraps off anyways, just so I can try a new design!

Jamberry Mommy & Me Wraps are a perfect Mother's Day gift!

I also can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to apply the wraps to her nails.  Jamberry not only has Jamberry Juniors wraps for small hands, but they also carry Mommy & Me matching sets!  So much fun!  I’m that mom that has the matching leggings and headbands and dresses and so on, so you know I’m going to be all over the Mommy & Me nail wraps just as soon as my daughter’s little fingers and nails are ready.

I mean, how perfect are these for Mother’s Day?

A Jamberry Mother's Day gift set is everything mom has always wanted.
Right now, Jamberry is also offering three different special Mother’s Day box sets that include different nail wraps.  They’re super special because each set includes limited edition designs that are only available in the gift sets.

Making Time for Mom: A Jamtastic Mother's Day Gift

Oh, and I can’t forget the amazing Disney Collection nail wraps!  The current Disney designs that are available (a variety of designs featuring Minnie Mouse, Ariel, Aurora) will be retiring on May 3rd.  So if mom is a Disney-loving woman, you’d better hurry before these particular ones are gone and never to be seen again!

Making Time for Mom: A Jamtastic Mother's Day Gift

If mom isn’t a nail wrap kind of lady, Jamberry has other products that might better suit her.  Other products include 5 Free Lacquers (free of 5 harsh chemicals), the TruShine Gel Enamel System (everything needed to have amazing gel nails at home), and even simple hand and nail care items like the Indulgence Hand Care Set and the Deluxe Tool Kit.

When it comes to beautiful nails, there is just so much to love at Jamberry!  I know I love Jamberry and love getting new nail wraps for Mother’s Day!

Connect with Jamberry & let me be your personal consultant!

Shop / Facebook / Host Party (Earn Free Stuff)

*First 3 people to book an online Facebook party get a FREE 1/2 sheet when their party reaches $50 in sales!

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle

You can probably imagine  how crunched time can be when you’re a working-at-home-mom (well, maybe some of you can).  Between caring for the kids all day, trying to squeeze at least an hour or two of actual paid work in at some point (usually while the baby naps), making sure my son gets to soccer three days a week, and doing housework and cooking, there’s absolutely NO time for me.

But last month, I took it upon myself to MAKE time for me.  I took a day off from everything, or at least a few hours off.  Daddy stayed home with the kids and I headed to Atma Beauty in Miami Beach for some me time.

One week before my hair appointment.
One week before my hair appointment.

It was at that point I made a drastic beauty change.  I got rid of my long locks and went for a long bob kind of cut and also dyed my hair purple.  Yeap – that’s pretty drastic if you ask me.  But I absolutely love it!

The cut is something I’ve done before so that wasn’t really a major change, but going purple is not something I’ve ever done.  I have had my hair professionally dyed in the past, but it was really only a richer red color and nothing as crazy as purple.

My amazing stylist, Diana, was very patient with me as we spent hours working on my new look.  She started with the cut and then went straight into my first process.  Before going purple, Diana had to bleach my hair.  Otherwise, the purple color I was trying to achieve wouldn’t have taken very well.

Had to bleach my hair first. You couldn't pay me to keep my hair this color! Not a good look for me, haha.
Had to bleach my hair first. You couldn’t pay me to keep my hair this color! Not a good look for me. Pretty scary if you ask me, haha.

I wasn’t too nervous because I knew I was in good hands and knew this wasn’t the end of my hair makeover journey.  And thankfully so!  There is no way in hell I could ever be a blonde.  I am just way too pale with tons of freckles, so once that bleach hit my hair there was no turning back!

Purple dye was the final phase.
Purple dye was the final phase. Just look how purple it is!

After the bleaching process, Diana mixed my purple color and continued with my change.  Talk about purple!  Along with that she added in some hints of a pinkish orchid to give it some dimension and after about 4-5 hours my hair makeover was done.  I was instantly in love!

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle
I am in love with my new hair! Diana exceeded my expectations twofold.

I will say it took some getting used to all the stares I was getting.  If I wasn’t turning heads before, I certainly was now.  But after receiving a handful of compliments from complete strangers  in the first few days, I just assumed everyone who stared was simply admiring my amazing hair!  So admirers, go ahead and stare.  I don’t mind.  I know I look fabulous!  Haha!

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle
Admirers, go ahead and stare. I know my hair looks fabulous!

Now I can’t wait until my next appointment with Diana for a touch up, which I’m definitely due for any time now.  Just have to make some more time for me.

And if you’re in the Miami area, I highly recommend visiting Diana at Atma Beauty.  She’ll walk you through and explain everything, and as you can see, she does an absolutely amazing job!  Connect with her on social media below to see some of the work she’s done.  I know you’ll be blown away.

Making Time for Me: New Hairstyle
My roots are showing and color is fading, so I’ll be visiting Diana very soon for a touch up.

Do you admire my new hairstyle?  Have you/would you do something so out of your norm?

Connect with Diana:  Facebook / Instagram

Connect with Atma Beauty:  Contact / Facebook / Instagram


Bamboobies 40% Off Sitewide

Bamboobies 40% Off Everything

There’s always time around here to save money and this is a deal that is just too good for me not to share.  As a matter of fact, I’m cashing in on it myself!

As a breastfeeding mother, I know it’s essential to have the right type of nursing gear and accessories.  And I’m not talking about pumps and storage bags and all of that.  Yes, those are important, but what I’m talking about are things like bras, nursing pads and nipple balm!

While I haven’t personally tried Bamboobies nursing clothing or nipple balm, I do own some of their nursing pads and their soothing therapy pillows.  For some reason they don’t have the soothing therapy pillows available right now, which is a shame because they are amazing.

But for the items they do have available you can get 40% off!  Yes, Bamboobies is offering 40% off sitewide to celebrate their 6th birthday!

Bamboobies Nursing Pads

And I’ll tell you, of every washable/reusable nursing pad I’ve tried, Bamboobies is the best.  The heart shape of the nursing pads make them virtually undetectable to an outside person.  Whereas, with the usual round nursing pad that has no pleating, anyone can easily tell you’re wearing one.  You get that round effect right through your top.  I hate that!

So if you or someone you know is in need of some nursing gear, head to and use promo code happybday40 to receive 40% off.  The promotion ends on March 19th.

I’m making time to save on my favorite nursing accessories, are you?

Vlando Jewelry Box Giveaway


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